7 May, 2017

I Want To Walk The Camino!

Here we’ll give you some tips that can help you along the Way, based on our own experience.

  • How to prepare your backpack
    • Choose a backpack according to your height, packing the heaviest things at the bottom and the lightest things at the top.
    • We recommend that you take only what you really need, although you need to be prepared for the cold and the rain, because- particularly in Galicia- the weather can change from one moment to the nest.
    • We recommend that you don’t carry more weight than 10% of your own body weight (and if you can get it down to less, even better)
    • What to take: two changes of clothes, socks (that aren’t cotton), underwear, towel, sleeping bag, sandals, torch, notebook and pen, personal toiletries.
  • Footwear: Shoes or boots? Whichever you prefer, but never break in new footwear on the Camino.
  • Money: We recommend that you only carry a little bit of money in cash and that you take out what you need at cashpoints along the way.
  • Guía: te recomendamos llevar contigo una guía del camino, al menos de las etapas que piensas hacer.
  • Telephono: We recommend that you make the most of the opportunity of the Camino to disconnect from technology as much as possible. Many pilgrims choose to bring a basic mobile that only allows calls. In that way they can be in contact with the family in case of emergency.
  • On your own or with others: it will depend on your reasons for doing the Camino de Santiago.
    • Experience tells us that you’ll never end up alone on the Camino
    • Do you want to have quality time with an important person in your life? Or even with a whole group? Do you want to have time on your own?
    • Whatever the case, we encourage you to make the most of this time to deepen your knowledge of self, of God and of the most important people in your life.


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