7 May, 2017

Who Are We?

  • We’re part of Agape, a Christian organisation that’s present in more than 190 countries, working in areas such as children’s work, sport, humanitarian aid, students, the family and social work, among other things.
  • Somos peregrinos. Quienes formamos parte de La Fuente del Peregrino nos consideramos peregrinos. Peregrinos, porque hemos hecho el Camino de Santiago y peregrinos en el Camino de la Vida. We believe that all people are seeking- whether or not they’re aware of if- we are. We’re on a journey, even if we haven’t arrived at the goal. We are passing through this world and as we walk, we’re learning and finding answers to our essential questions.
  • Somos hospitaleros. Quienes formamos parte de La Fuente del Peregrino hemos encontrado en la acogida y la hospitalidad un estilo de vida.

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